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Brachytherapy Outpatient Ambulatory Surgery Center Management Billing



Outsourcing is fast becoming the answer for an increasing number of surgery centers who are seeking reliable management and better financial metrics - our program delivers both.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Managament


Operating a surgery center takes more than clinical expertise. There are a multitude of complex and ever changing regulatory, business and administrative functions that must be in order to ensure a surgery center is not only clinically excellent, but compliant and profitable. At Prologics, we possess the expertise and business acumen to help your surgery center reach its stated goals and allow you and your staff to focus on patient care. We provide a catalog of services that can be utilized as part of a “turnkey” management service or can offer single service arrangements to meet the precise needs of your facility.


Unlike other ASC management companies, Prologics can provide services to your ASC on a fee for service basis without insisting on ownership in your facility. With a methodical and transparent approach to management, your facility can expect to see greater margins per case and an increased bottom line. Our multi-faceted approach includes increasing case volume, introducing new procedures, national benchmarking, comprehensive case costing and subsequent cost savings implementation, continued emphasis on commercial payor renegotiations, accuracy of billing and collections, comprehensive patient payment policies and marketing strategies.


  • Day to Day Management

  • CMS and State compliance

  • Accreditation Assistance

  • Revenue Cycle Management

  • Managed Care Contracting

  • Physician Recruitment

  • Facility Marketing

  • Equipment/Supply Control

  • Product Line Development

  • Financial Management and Accounting

  • Human Resources Governance