About Prologics

Brachytherapy Outpatient Ambulatory Surgery Center Management Billing



What is different about Prologics? We have more than 100 years of combined experience in building new sources of profitable revenue, improving operational efficiencies, and maximizing returns on investment.

About Prologics


Prologics is headquartered in the Greater Nashville, Tennessee region which is considered the mecca of healthcare service companies. Being a healthcare hub, the area is rich with dedicated healthcare professionals. Prologics was founded by physicians and business experts who have organized an exceptionally adept development, marketing, operations, reimbursement and financial team that thrives in the Nashville area.


The company offers a comprehensive array of services for its hospital, physician and ASC customers. These services include the establishment and management of IMRT/IGRT centers, brachytherapy management, remote dosimetry, billing and reimbursement, management and financial services. Prologics also provides training for radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, urologists and other professionals interested in establishing these services or improving their skill levels. Prologics' services are available on either a project or long-term basis to its clients.


Getting Started

If your facility, physician office, medical group, or ASC is interested in one of our services - just give us a call or send us an email.
We take the time to understand your interests and provide a simple solution to get you into a new service line or improve efficiencies in your current business.
We are agile enough to customize a real and viable solution for your business while having sufficient resources to provide you with the best solutions possible.