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Brachytherapy Outpatient Ambulatory Surgery Center Management Billing and Collections



Can your billing team beat our metrics? Out team consistently far exceeds industry standards, and that

results in significant improvements to your cash flow.

Prologics Billing, Collections and Reimbursement Services


The Prologics team currently averages a days sales outstanding (DSO) of less than 32 days and a bad debt percentage of less than one percent. This performance far exceeds industry standards and results in significant improvements to our clients’ cash flow. With well over 100 years of combined experience in our reimbursement and financial staffs, our team can have a significant affect on a new or ongoing IMRT or proton center.


Successful reimbursement management requires a dedicated team who continually monitor the intake, insurance verifications, claims submissions and collections processes. They quite simply keep their eye on the ball every day because keeping cash flowing necessitates the management of an extreme amount of details. These details include credentialing, insurance verification, pre-authorizations and pre-certifications, data entry, claims billing, claims adjudication, payment posting and patient statements, as well as Medicare, Medicaid, private indemnity and managed care organization and patient communications.

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