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Published studies indicate that the morbidity associated with brachytherapy is far less than with surgery. Prologics can conduct an assessment on your facility and improve your profitability with this service line.

Prologics Brachytherapy Services


Brachytherapy offers an important alternative to traditional external beam radiation and it is often used in conjunction with external beam radiation in prostate cancer. Published studies indicate that the morbidity associated with brachytherapy is far less than with surgery and the quality of life post-procedure is clinically far better.


Whether you are a hospital or Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) executive seeking to establish a new program or retool your current one, consider the Prologics Brachytherapy Program. This program can be turnkey and was designed for facilities to improve their clinical outcomes, eliminate capital expenses and make it easy for staff to administer as the Prologics team handles every aspect of the process.


Our brachytherapy services include physician proctoring, equipment leasing, seed and ancillary supply provision, remote dosimetry, licensing assistance and comprehensive reimbursement services. Many of our customers have seen an immediate increase in profitability from their brachytherapy program. Our CPT Map ensures that our customers capture all of their revenue codes and the Prologics reimbursement team are experts in setting up and managing brachytherapy reimbursement for Medicare and third-party payers.


Brachytherapy in Ambulatory Surgery Centers


Ambulatory Surgery Centers are often operating below capacity. Brachytherapy is a treatment option that can  increase facility utilization. There are two common issues that we find working with ASCs. The first is a concern that the cost of brachytherapy equipment will not fit the capital budget or that the facility does not currently have the volume to justify the capital expenditure. The second is staff concern about how a new procedure will change their responsibilities. Our leasing program alleviates the capital equipment concerns and the Prologics team members take care of the details required to manage the program.


Brachytherapy in Hospitals


Many hospitals that have a long-standing brachytherapy program are unaware of how changing reimbursement has affected the profitability of their program. If your facility has a current program in place, our team is available to conduct an assessment to improve the profitability of this service line.

Brachytherapy Video

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