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Brachytherapy Outpatient Remote Dosimetry Billing



Outsourcing is fast becoming the answer for an increasing number of managers who are seeking reliable coverage and better financial metrics - our dosimetry program delivers both.

Prologics Remote Dosimetry


One of the more difficult aspects of managing a radiation oncology center is balancing dosimetry staffing to the precise needs of patient volume. At Prologics, we have solved that issue by providing an outsourced dosimetry solution. Our expert dosimetry team is available on either a part-time or full-time basis; you can trust that the services they deliver are clinically sound.


The major benefits of remote dosimetry are scalability and reduced labor costs. Remote dosimetrists are available when you need them. If for example, you have a spike in volume or a staff dosimetrist needs to take a leave of absence, our dosimetry team can function as either a back-up or fill-in on a temporary basis. If you are just starting a center and you can't support a full time dosimetrist, then consider our team serving in this function. Your center will not only have the precise amount of staff when you need it, but we are also cost-effective, and may lower your total dosimetry expenses.


  • 2D
  • 3D
  • Brachytherapy planning:
  • Low-dose rate (LDR)
  • Pre- and post-prostate implant plans
  • Other seed and needle procedures