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The Prologics team has a stellar record of designing, building and managing  outpatient radiation therapy centers. Investors, physicians, clinicians and patients trust our performance.

Prologics Outpatient Radiation Therapy Centers


The development of a new radiation therapy center is a huge undertaking. In fact, the initial capitalization of a center with one or two linear accelerators averages $4 to $8 million. This capital is required to buy or lease the building, purchase equipment, build the vault(s), fund the tenant improvements, purchase furnishings, hire staff and fund the start-up phase of the venture until cash flows. We know how to make these ventures profitable by securing a referral base, running an efficient operation and ensuring payments from third-party payers.


The challenges to starting a center include meeting complex regulatory compliance laws, developing a deal structure that works for all parties, gaining access to capital, finding the right radiation oncologist, obtaining payer contracts, developing a competitive advantage, attracting and retaining experienced staff and operating the business so that it continues to attract patients.


Our development process is comprised of a number of steps. The first step is to conduct an analysis that determines the realistic financial feasibility of a center. If feasibility is determined, the next steps are to develop relationships with key customers, formulate a detailed business plan and source competitive capital. If a strategic plan is established, the next steps are to generate a letter of intent and definitive documentation, establish timelines for the project and assign a site manager to develop the project. This manager will implement the business plan, which includes the marketing, operations, reimbursement and financial strategies for the center.




IMRT/IGRT Services

With experience and expertise in urology, radiation therapy and physician practice management, Prologics is well-equipped to facilitate in the construction of an external beam therapy (IMRT/IGRT) center. Our team can lead your organization through the process of development and management of a cancer center, including any of the following services:


  • Design, engineer, construct and commission
  • Secure financing for equipment, systems and construction
  • Select equipment and systems and negotiate purchases
  • Recruit and hire all staff
  • Obtain all relevant licensing and operational permits
  • Establish operating guidelines including policy, procedures and compliance
  • Train and manage all staff
  • Manage all business-related functions
  • Provide business oversight and accountability